Tuesday, November 10

Thanksgiving Menu!

It’s Thanksgiving and, like Oprah,

there are a few things we know for sure at this time of the year…

  • 1) Soggy bottom crusts = not delicious
  • 2) Too many cooks in the kitchen is just unproductive and stressful
  • 3) Everyone wants to contribute- why don’t you send those little helpers out to pick up your special orders?
  • 4) We really like bakin' stuff
  • 5) We have nothing better to do?
  • 6) (this is the sappy one) we love you guys (we’re thankful for ya, ohhh there it is!)
  • 7) Last year was a great test run, this year we are planning on running things a tad smoother.
  • If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook you might have seen that we whipped up a test batch of Sweet Potato Rolls and they were delicious! (@ChefShack1, @ProduceExchange, and @Tastebudtart were all around to nod in agreement with us)

Along with the sweet potato rolls we are offering milk bread rolls, Baguettes, Whole Wheat Loaves and Sourdough are available as well- while we have those last three every day, it is definitely in your best interest to get your name on a few! For pies we will be making ‘The Classic’ Pumpkin Pie, you know the one. Rich and Dreamy Creamy Pumpkin Chiffon- this one has a graham cracker crust- ooh la la. What Holiday dinner would be complete without a Pecan Pie (my answer: all of them, I’m allergic to nuts anyways) For the rest of you however we have a pecan pie with yummy bourbon, maybe to take the edge off of all those family members if you know what I mean…

Okay, I’m losing interest cause I’m totally ADD- the rest of the yummy stuff special for thanksgiving is a pear and candied ginger crisp (grab some ice cream from Grand Italian Ice right next door!), a chocolate salted caramel tart (trying sharing that bad boy!) and Maple Cookies in cute autumn shapes!

Pre-order any of these special Thanksgiving treats or whichever other favorite Salty Tart pastries, cookies or cakes you have a taste for! 612.874.9206

Sweet Potato Rolls $6/dz

Milk Bread Rolls $6/dz

Baguette $2.50/e

Whole Wheat $4.50/e

Sourdough $4.50/e

Classic Pumpkin Pie serves 8-10 $19

Pumpkin Chiffon Pie serves 8-10 $ 22

Pecan Pie serves 8-10 $24

Pear Ginger Crisp serves 4-6 $17

Chocolate Salted Caramel Tart serves 8-10 $25

Maple Cookies one dozen $10


  1. So....why are we displaying oprah???

  2. because Oprah always has a list of "things i know for sure" and we like Oprah!