Thursday, November 26

A bunch of little big things

  • Hello Everyone.
I've been waiting and waiting for this moment-
Our fabulous new website is up and running!
Sure there are a few tweaks here and there, but you get the gist of it's sexiness. I mean, just look at the new logo! *swoon*

  • In other Salty News, we made it through Thanksgiving with a couple of pies leftover but none the worse for the wear(i enjoyed my chiffon pie for breakfast today anyways)- big thanks to everyone who ordered something from us, we appreciate you so much we just want to squeeze your little cheeks!

<--Breakfast! Pumpkin Chiffon Pie with Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream adorned with Dancing Candied Pepitas! and they say I have a bad diet!

  • Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine chose our Triple Ginger cookie as one of the best cookies around this town. Look for it in the December issue or just take everyones word for it and come to the Salty Tart and get one already!

  • Michelle and I were talking about how it is reeaalllllyy hard to translate our jokes and funny faces and silly stories into facebook status's and tweets, so I thought maybe with enough room for explanation and pictures, we could try to share the joy here. When you come upon something that seems dumb or confusing, just close your eyes really tight and pretend you were at the bakery.. hopefully you'll have one of those moments like on tv when you hear a twinkling noise and find yourself in someone else's scene. Give it a shot, if its just not working for you, leave a comment and I'll try not to waste anyones time anymore by dragging on and on about something that just not feasible, I would hate to be that person.

the market and we are psyched! Last year was so much fun, we were busy, people were enjoying pastries; it was good times. If you're into crafty things, are into buying things (Christmas!), or are into walking around and just checking stuff out, then you should probably come. If all else fails you c
an get a cupcake or feel sorry for yourself while you lick meringue off your fingers or whatever you crazy kids are into. We'll be ready for ya!
The event is going on Friday Dec. 4 from 3-8pm and Sat Dec. 5 , 9-5pm. As always there is a free parking ramp for easy breezy parking and plenty to see, do and eat at the MGM

  • Last thing- Im thinking about making a new permenant addition to the blog; our current stuck-in-head song. This week it is a toss up between Lady GaGa 'Bad Romance' and Miley Cyrus 'Party In The U.S.A'
It doesn't play automatically, at least not yet because I haven't dedicated much time to geeking out on blogger, but please, take a moment and groove!

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