Friday, November 13

"Don't look at my beans!"...

..yelled Sam, as he rushed to remove his special chili ingredients from the public's eye.

But seriously, this really did happen as Sam is making chili today for the Third Annual Chili Cook-Off which is taking place here at the Global Market tomorrow. If any of the events taking place in the kitchen today hold any indication of the final standing of the chili tomorrow... I think we're in for a good time and a great position!
(*insider: the grass-fed flank was rubbed in numerous spicy spices before they went out for their smokey break.. then it was seared and boy was it upset! I would say that the meat itself is a fury of flavor anxious to donkey kick your tonsils right out of the ball park, but you didn't hear that from me*)
Anywho, for 3 dolla dolla bills, yo, you can participate in one of our favorite market
events! Just don't vote for Safari Express, they won the last two times. Its kind of like how the Yankees always win. all.the.time. its just not fun anymore! By the way, all the proceeds from this go to the Perspective Kids Cafe

Midtown Global Market has all sorts of fun stuff going on every weekend! November 14th from 12-2, 13 different vendors will try to win your vote for the bragging rights as
chili dominator and a very shiny ladle.

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