Thursday, November 26

A bunch of little big things

  • Hello Everyone.
I've been waiting and waiting for this moment-
Our fabulous new website is up and running!
Sure there are a few tweaks here and there, but you get the gist of it's sexiness. I mean, just look at the new logo! *swoon*

  • In other Salty News, we made it through Thanksgiving with a couple of pies leftover but none the worse for the wear(i enjoyed my chiffon pie for breakfast today anyways)- big thanks to everyone who ordered something from us, we appreciate you so much we just want to squeeze your little cheeks!

<--Breakfast! Pumpkin Chiffon Pie with Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream adorned with Dancing Candied Pepitas! and they say I have a bad diet!

  • Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine chose our Triple Ginger cookie as one of the best cookies around this town. Look for it in the December issue or just take everyones word for it and come to the Salty Tart and get one already!

  • Michelle and I were talking about how it is reeaalllllyy hard to translate our jokes and funny faces and silly stories into facebook status's and tweets, so I thought maybe with enough room for explanation and pictures, we could try to share the joy here. When you come upon something that seems dumb or confusing, just close your eyes really tight and pretend you were at the bakery.. hopefully you'll have one of those moments like on tv when you hear a twinkling noise and find yourself in someone else's scene. Give it a shot, if its just not working for you, leave a comment and I'll try not to waste anyones time anymore by dragging on and on about something that just not feasible, I would hate to be that person.

the market and we are psyched! Last year was so much fun, we were busy, people were enjoying pastries; it was good times. If you're into crafty things, are into buying things (Christmas!), or are into walking around and just checking stuff out, then you should probably come. If all else fails you c
an get a cupcake or feel sorry for yourself while you lick meringue off your fingers or whatever you crazy kids are into. We'll be ready for ya!
The event is going on Friday Dec. 4 from 3-8pm and Sat Dec. 5 , 9-5pm. As always there is a free parking ramp for easy breezy parking and plenty to see, do and eat at the MGM

  • Last thing- Im thinking about making a new permenant addition to the blog; our current stuck-in-head song. This week it is a toss up between Lady GaGa 'Bad Romance' and Miley Cyrus 'Party In The U.S.A'
It doesn't play automatically, at least not yet because I haven't dedicated much time to geeking out on blogger, but please, take a moment and groove!

Thursday, November 19

November, a traditionally voterific month

Everyone loves to vote in November, its in our blood.
If you haven't gotten the chance to get your vote on, here are a couple of things we think you'll dig.

JAMES BEARD. Maybe you've heard of him.. if you haven't, in short, he's kind of a big deal.
Every year at this time foodies around the country excitedly nominate their favorites in the food industry, from 'Best Chef: Pacific' to 'Best New
Restaurant', 'Outstanding
Wine&Spirits' to 'Rising Chef of the Year' there is a category for everyone, in every area. You can also vote for Books, Journalism, Broadcast Media, and Design.
With this in mind, please feel free to vote for whomever you wish to see nominated for a JB award. ...and here is the shameless plug-
There is a category titled "Outstanding Pastry Chef' and if you happen to think that maybe Michelle is worthy of the title, it would rule if you would vote for her! Being nominated for a JB award is a tremendous honor to anyone working hard in a kitchen.
you can vote until mid-December or mid-January, depending on the category.

is a quarterly publication highlighting some good eats, farms, and artisans, in and around Minneapolis and St. Paul. Currently they are looking for your vote for 'Local Food Heroes'
Broken down into 5 categories of 3 nominees each are 15 local persons/places wishing for your vote- Salty Tart has been nominated for 'Best Food Artisan' and golly we hope you'll agree!
Voting Ends on December 11th, and you can vote as many times as you wish.

We love those guys and gals over at Heavy Table.
James Norton, Susan Pagani, and Katie Cannon tell us all about the finalist for the highly anticipated 'Silver Whisk Awards!'
If you have an opinion, and I know you do, you can contact Heavy Table with your choices by writing to
Winners are announced on December 16th, I can hardly wait!

Don't forget to call the Salty Tart with all your needs, we would love to hold your hand through the upcoming holidays. Don't you fret, we've got you covered. 612.874.9206

Friday, November 13

"Don't look at my beans!"...

..yelled Sam, as he rushed to remove his special chili ingredients from the public's eye.

But seriously, this really did happen as Sam is making chili today for the Third Annual Chili Cook-Off which is taking place here at the Global Market tomorrow. If any of the events taking place in the kitchen today hold any indication of the final standing of the chili tomorrow... I think we're in for a good time and a great position!
(*insider: the grass-fed flank was rubbed in numerous spicy spices before they went out for their smokey break.. then it was seared and boy was it upset! I would say that the meat itself is a fury of flavor anxious to donkey kick your tonsils right out of the ball park, but you didn't hear that from me*)
Anywho, for 3 dolla dolla bills, yo, you can participate in one of our favorite market
events! Just don't vote for Safari Express, they won the last two times. Its kind of like how the Yankees always win. all.the.time. its just not fun anymore! By the way, all the proceeds from this go to the Perspective Kids Cafe

Midtown Global Market has all sorts of fun stuff going on every weekend! November 14th from 12-2, 13 different vendors will try to win your vote for the bragging rights as
chili dominator and a very shiny ladle.

Tuesday, November 10

Thanksgiving Menu!

It’s Thanksgiving and, like Oprah,

there are a few things we know for sure at this time of the year…

  • 1) Soggy bottom crusts = not delicious
  • 2) Too many cooks in the kitchen is just unproductive and stressful
  • 3) Everyone wants to contribute- why don’t you send those little helpers out to pick up your special orders?
  • 4) We really like bakin' stuff
  • 5) We have nothing better to do?
  • 6) (this is the sappy one) we love you guys (we’re thankful for ya, ohhh there it is!)
  • 7) Last year was a great test run, this year we are planning on running things a tad smoother.
  • If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook you might have seen that we whipped up a test batch of Sweet Potato Rolls and they were delicious! (@ChefShack1, @ProduceExchange, and @Tastebudtart were all around to nod in agreement with us)

Along with the sweet potato rolls we are offering milk bread rolls, Baguettes, Whole Wheat Loaves and Sourdough are available as well- while we have those last three every day, it is definitely in your best interest to get your name on a few! For pies we will be making ‘The Classic’ Pumpkin Pie, you know the one. Rich and Dreamy Creamy Pumpkin Chiffon- this one has a graham cracker crust- ooh la la. What Holiday dinner would be complete without a Pecan Pie (my answer: all of them, I’m allergic to nuts anyways) For the rest of you however we have a pecan pie with yummy bourbon, maybe to take the edge off of all those family members if you know what I mean…

Okay, I’m losing interest cause I’m totally ADD- the rest of the yummy stuff special for thanksgiving is a pear and candied ginger crisp (grab some ice cream from Grand Italian Ice right next door!), a chocolate salted caramel tart (trying sharing that bad boy!) and Maple Cookies in cute autumn shapes!

Pre-order any of these special Thanksgiving treats or whichever other favorite Salty Tart pastries, cookies or cakes you have a taste for! 612.874.9206

Sweet Potato Rolls $6/dz

Milk Bread Rolls $6/dz

Baguette $2.50/e

Whole Wheat $4.50/e

Sourdough $4.50/e

Classic Pumpkin Pie serves 8-10 $19

Pumpkin Chiffon Pie serves 8-10 $ 22

Pecan Pie serves 8-10 $24

Pear Ginger Crisp serves 4-6 $17

Chocolate Salted Caramel Tart serves 8-10 $25

Maple Cookies one dozen $10

Friday, November 6

numero dos

Faithful Readers! Wait, can I say that on post number two? Sure.

Faithful Readers! I want to know what you want to know...

A picture documentary of brown butter tarts? We can manage that.

An instructional series of…whatever? Lets hook it up!

How to make your pies for the coming holidays a success? I think we can share some tips. (for one, skip the hassle and call us 612.874.9206)

Do you have questions? Michelle LOVES questions- and that’s not sarcasm, that’s a true fact.

In the meantime I thought I would let everyone know a few of the things that we currently are using that are local/organic.

Ames Honey

~ oh, happy chicken, not silly chickens!~

Happy Chicken from... I cannot remember for the life of me... it starts with a 'C' and its in Minnesota...

Thousand Hills Flat Iron Steak from Cannon Falls MN

Hope Creamery Butter from Hope, MN

Organic Valley Milk, from LaFarge, WI

Schroeder Heavy Cream from Maplewood, MN

Phil’s Fresh Eggs from Forreston, IL

Earthbound Organic Field Greens and Garlic from San Juan Bautista, CA

Mirabella Ingredients- Terra Spices, Chocovic and Callebaut chocolates

Penzeys spices Minneapolis

And always MN grown and local (midwest) produce such as apples, squash, greens, herbs and other great product from the Midtown Produce Exchange!

***Stay Tuned! The next post is about our seasonal menu and Thanksgiving offerings!***

(it will be exciting, cross my heart and hope to die)